Live Caterpillars

Caterpillar orders ship weekly from February through mid-May.  New caterpillars hatch daily and orders typically ship within a week of being placed.  If you need to schedule your delivery around your lesson plans please email.  



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Watch the miracle of metamorphosis unfold before your eyes.  When you receive your Painted Lady caterpillars you will be amazed at how quickly they grow through the different life stages.  

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When your caterpillars arrive they will be in the early larvae stage.  Normally this is about ten days old.  Your Painted Lady caterpillars will then grow for another ten days and reach the chrysalis stage.


Most are in the chrysalis stage for 7-10 days.  After several days a newly emerged Painted Lady Butterfly will amaze you by expanding its wings and stretching them for the first time.  Click here to see an amazing chrysalis video.


To enjoy this metamorphosis process please place an order today!


Orders ship every day.  Typically shipping time is next day to one week.  If you need to schedule your order around lesson plans please email to request a special ship date.  We love providing live caterpillars to classrooms to help students learn about metamorphosis.


Our caterpillars will transform into Painted Lady Butterflies.  The picture above is a Painted Lady Butterfly that is only a few days old.  


Painted Lady Caterpillars will transform to a Painted Lady Butterfly about four weeks after hatching.  See the process here.